February 12, whose birthday?

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My mamma was born on February 12, Lincoln’s birthday.  She never forgot that.  To hear her talk, she had received a signal honor because her birthday coincided with the President’s.  This grew to such proportion that we were never quite sure whether we were celebrating her birthday or the President’s.


Sunday morning

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It’s October 28, 2012. Henry is off to church and I am diddling at the computer.  Diddle, interesting word.  Have just looked it up.  It means, waste time, as in,  I diddled all morning, doing this and that, accomplishing nothing.   

Sunday morning

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Henry gone to church, I’m alone, don’t get to Mass much anymore. My doing I could still go.

Leadership, a definition

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Leadership is the act of getting someone else to do something you want done and he wants to do it because you want him to.


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To my definition of a Christian as someone who is useful and compassionate, I’d like to append that, of course, there are many non-Christians who are useful and compassionate.  In my book, the true Christian performs even in moments demanding personal sacrifice.

What is a Christian?

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The best definition I’ve come across is someone who is useful and compassionate.

Test post 4/28

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To see if this gets added..

April 10, 2012

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This is a test entry.  I have a sense that some of my items are not going through and am testing to see if this one does.

Raise? or a title?

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Lately, have you noticed in the press, television, movies an upgrading in professional titles of people in the professions and business??  New names have replaced old ones:  a dentist’s assistant is now an hygienicist.  A secretary is not necessarily that, but a personal assistant.  A decorator is now an interior designer.  Personnel departments are now Offices of Human Resources.  (I was aways taught that the fewer the words, the better.)  Could it be that employers are trying to woo us not by appropriate raises, but by glorified titles?

Small vices

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Don;t know how many small vices readers may have, but Yours Truly has a slew–nose-fiddling, skin-picking, mirror-watching, mind-changing, sitting too much.  It’s not that I like doing them–they just occur, without choice.  Fight each one as it comes?  Will try, but as soon as I stop, I will forget my resolve and do it again.